Since 2006, TEN33 Inc. has been there to provide the services, products and knowledge needed to keep Communities, Businesses, Service Organizations, Families and Individuals ready, prepared and resilient in the face of Disaster and Emergencies

Along with our in-house staff of professionals, TEN33 Inc. has a long list of Community Partners in Service to draw on, and that allows us extra flexibility when it comes to meeting the needs of the community.

No organization, business, municipality or community is too big, nor too small. TEN33 Inc. is here for one and all! We believe in providing service to the entire community; no one is left behind.

We work based on the words of the Roman Emperor Cicero when he said; “Salus Populi, Suprema Lex” or “The safety of the People is the Supreme Law!” Not just fancy words, they are the core of our philosphy, and the foundation for everything we do.



     S. Gregory (Greg) Long, President and Founder

Greg, a Graduate in Emergency Management from Fleming College in Peterborough Ontario has been a part of the Emergency Planning and Preparedness community since 2001, first within the corporate world as a Emergency Preparedness Task Force and Emergency Respose Team member for his employer, and then by brining his knowledge, skills and vision to a broader market by founding TEN33.

Greg’s skills and education include:

  • Applied Scenario Development parts 1 and 2; Pre-planning and development of Exercise Scenarios.
  • Exercise Design parts 1 and 2; Putting together a comprehensive Emergency Exercise, Training and Review.
  • Business Continuity Planning parts 1 and 2; Course materials from DRI International. From Critical Services Identification, right to Response and Resumption of Services.
  • Emergency Planning; Planning for Communities, Busineses, Individals and Organizations
  • Mitigation and Prevention Strategies; Reducing risks, and where possible, eliminating them altogether.
  • Emergency Information Systems; Keeping people informed and aware of the situation.
  • Recovery Planning; The process of Near Normal Resumption of activites and services
  • Incident Management Systems; Who leads, commands and controls the scene, and how to prevent the escalation of a disaster.
  • Human Resources Deployment; How to best use resources, including those of volunteers and their organizations.
  • Emergency Mapping
  • Instructional Strategies for Adult Learning
  • Project Management