Evacuation Planning & Training

Emergency Kit List: For when you need to “Bug Out”
By Greg Long
The following are some check lists you will need to put together the assorted kits  needed for your Home Emergency Plan and Kit …
72 Hour Emergency Kit
■Flashlight and radio (self rechargeable prefered)
■Spare batteries for each battery powered device.
■First Aid Kit. ( WSIB 5 person kit is ideal, see check list following)
■Clothing for 3 days  (includes underwear, socks, shirt,  pajamas etc.)
■Non perishable food itemsWater; guideline is 2 litres per day per person
■Can opener (manual)
■Medications for all family members
■Toilettries (toothpaste, toothbrush, hair & body cleanser, shavecream and razor, toilet paper, deoderant, towel, brush/comb, sanitary products)
■Favourite toys and security items for children (blankies, dolls, plushies etc.)
■Blankets or sleeping bags, pillows
■Baby foods, formulas diapers etc.
■Candles and matches (USED WITH EXTREME CAUTION)
■Campstove and fuel (if available: DO NOT USE  INDOORS)
■Multi-tool or small tool kit
■This Emergency Plan, with all important documents.
■Area/Regional maps
■Cellular telephone
For Pets
■Collar and leash
■Food for 2-3 weeks
■Water ; cats 1 litre per day, average size dog 4 litres per day
■Food and Water dishes
■Pet carrier
■Copy of license(s)
■Health records / Vaccination Records
■Favourite toy/comfort item (animal bed)
■Muzzle if necessary ■
Litter Box / Pet Waste bags
First Aid Kit
■Sterile adhesive bandages in all varieties and sizes
■Sterile Gauze Pads; 6 each 3inch, 4 inch, 6 inch
■Traingular Bandages (two)
■Adhesive Tape
■Conform Bandages: two or three each 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch
■Assorted Safety Pins
■BZK Towelettes
■Alcohol Towelettes
■Anticeptic Cleanser/Soap (waterless) Hand Sanitizer
■Latex or Nytrelle gloves (6 pair)
■Ice Packs / Heat Packs
Critical Documents
The following is a check-list of critical documents that copies of should be kept with this plan.
Birth Certificates       Passport ID/Photo Page    Child Vaccination Card(s) Mortgage       Land Title/Registry     Loans (Car etc.) Home Insurance       Auto Insurance                     Life Insurance Medical Insurance           Vauables List/Photos          Will(s)
While not a document, a copy of your Security Deposit Box key is another good item to keep with your Home Emergency Plan.